eTG complete

eTG complete includes the latest version of all Therapeutic Guidelines topics, integrated in a searchable digital product. It is designed for use on desktop and mobile devices. Content is arranged by clinical problem and covers common areas of care, with over 2500 clinical topics and 3500 drug recommendations. The browsable drug index allows users to quickly find drugs and their indications. Drug recommendations contain links to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) details, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding information.

eTG complete is supported on a wide range of devices and updated three times per year. The new version of eTG complete features a new look, with upgrades to design, functionality, search and navigation. You can download the new app for offline use on Apple and Android devices.

eTG complete app

Do you know that eTG complete is now available as a mobile phone app for Apple and Android devices? Beyond the benefit of having a portable version of eTG complete in your pocket, the information can be downloaded and used offline if phone reception is unreliable.

The app is available as an add on feature to any eTG complete subscription.


The first edition of the Antibiotic Guidelines book was published in 1978, and for decades the colourful Therapeutic Guidelines book collection has been beloved by health care practitioners. Today, Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd is gradually transitioning to a digital-only publishing model (see here for more information), so some guidelines are no longer available in print format. To find out which books can be purchased, see the Books page.